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1: Saha A, Bairwa NK, Ranjan A, Gupta V, Bamezai R.  
  Two novel somatic mutations in the human interleukin 6 promoter region in a patient with sporadic breast cancer.
Eur J Immunogenet. 2003 Dec;30(6):397-400.
PMID: 14675392 [PubMed - in process]

2: Saha A, Udhayasuriyan PT, Bhat KV, Bamezai R.
  Analysis of Indian population based on Y-STRs reveals existence of male gene flow across different language groups.
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3: Kumar H, Malhotra D, Goswami S, Bamezai RN.  
  How far have we reached in tuberculosis vaccine development?
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4: Reddy BS, Kochhar AM, Anitha M, Bamezai R.
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  Detection of genetic variation in Indian population groups using a novel minisatellite probe and finding relationships through tree construction.
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6: Singh A, Singh SP, Bamezai R. Related Articles, Links
  Direct and translactational effect of arecoline alkaloid on the clocimum oil-modulated hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes in mice.
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7: Saha A, Husain S, Bamezai R.
  Characterization of a subcloned fragment (pBA0.6) of pCMM86 located on 17q21 and its potential use in generating an individual-specific DNA profile.
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  Modulatory potential of clocimum oil on mouse skin papillomagenesis and the xenobiotic detoxication system.
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  Planned parenthood and artifical selection.
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  MNNG-transformed Bloom syndrome B-lymphoblastoids for the detection of Hodgkin's lymphoma-associated antigen in 2D Westerns.
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  Momordica charantia (Bitter Gourd) peel, pulp, seed and whole fruit extract inhibits mouse skin papillomagenesis.
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