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National Centre of Applied Human Genetics

The National Centre of Applied Human Genetics supports genetic and genomic research to understand system biology in humans. The Centre also encourages investigation into the ethical, legal and social aspects related to genetic research and pursues educational outreach activities in the subject.
From a modest beginning in March 1980 at the Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University followed by the establishment of Human Genetics in a University setting at JNU since March 1989, we have progressed with conviction and innovation over more than two decades. The University setting has provided a back up of infrastructural support, encouragement, freedom to work and a renewable source of manpower in terms of young enthusiastic students.
The University Grants Commission (UGC) recognized and upgraded the Human Genetics Laboratory at the School of Life Sciences, J.N.U. to a National centre of Applied Human Genetics (NCAHG), in April 2002 under New Schemes during IX Plan. The Centre thus became one of the two National Centres in the country within Universities to initiate training and research in the areas of Molecular Human Genetics, Genomics. One of the Centres, at Panjab University Chandigarh, emphasized more on teaching and started an M.Sc. programme in the area of Human Genomics; whereas in the NCAHG at SLS, JNU, the emphasis was laid on manpower development and research.
In the process, NCAHG emerged as the only such centre within the university set up where state of art research and training in this upcoming discipline was possible. The teaching and research conducted, earlier to the establishment of NCAHG, at a few universities in the country, lacked emphasis on the current trends in Human Genomics and Applied aspects of Human Genetics.
The spirit of competitive research and confidence in imparting training to underprivileged in the modern areas of human genetics and genomics, developed with locally available talent and with the in-house training, has been very satisfying experience. NCAHG is in a position to project itself as an equal to others abroad and look for partnerships as an equal in future. NCAHG would like to instill this spirit in students and researchers who take the opportunity to imbibe the knowledge and technical know how established over three decades. The infrastructural facilities to support training and research is adequate for small numbers at a given time.
We have been entertaining a floating population of trainees throughout the year. The facilities have been used for training High School, College-going students graduates and postgraduates. Future plans of public-awarenes programmes in the subject by developing the educational material, creation of linkages with national and international educational-research institutions and industries are in the process of planning and execution. Any support or collaboration in this direction is welcome by the Centre.

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