Saha A, Bairwa NK, Ranjan A, Gupta V, Bamezai R.


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Nucleotide, Protein and OMIM


   Ph.D.; F.N.A.Sc.   

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    The National Centre of Applied Human Genetics has set before itself the following objectives:

  •  Transfer of skills and technology in the area of human genetics and genomes to decision and under-privileged centres and institutions   all over the country 
  • To carry out focused research programmes and establish nationwide linkages and partnerships 
  • Establish a network of national and international institutes for training, mutual co-operation and exchange of knowledge and material (whenever desired) in the area of human genetics and genomics
  • Establish linkages and partnerships with educational and research institutions and the  industry  both pharmaceutical and bio-technological related
  • Transfer of the knowledge, skills and products (if any) to these industries
  • Help propagate the knowledge in the area by  developing the reading/research material
  • To provide consultancy and/or hand on training establishing r&d setup in interested companies or institutions in the subject of genetics and genomics
  • Popularize the subject of human genetics and genomics and  build bridges with other disciplines with the subject      
  • Validate knowledge of traditional medicines with modern biological approaches 
  • Start a new discipline of 'ayurvedomics' where prakruti fingerprints are correlated with genomic fingerprints 
  • To bridge the gap between modern and traditional medicine through human genomics study